Pedagogy & Profession

Candace Barrington, CCSU English Professor and Global Chaucer, reached out to the Central Design class at CCSU to design a logo for an online journal that would be published with the Chaucer Society website, All eight students in the Central Design course took on the challenge of creating this logo, and my logo was chosen by the client.

A full description of the project, as well as client feedback, is available at

I researched lettering and graphics used in The Canterbury Tales as a source of inspiration for creating an illustrated "P" for the logo. I chose to use Georgia and Baskerville for the text of the logo because I felt these fonts conveyed a clean and professional look. Combined with the "P" sampled from The Canterbury Tales, the logo combined old and new in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Tools Used
Pencil and Paper, Procreate on iPad, Adobe Illustrator

Color Palette

Logo Variations